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Something that is a personal interest of mine is Fashion/the Fashion industry. It is something that I think about on a day-to-day basis; whether it is a job in the field of fashion, ways to create my own clothing, fashion photography, blogs, styling, or shopping, I am always integrated in the some form of the industry. This post shows what sources I use to find out information about this industry and which I find are most reliable.

Finding a Career in the Fashion Industry:

As a senior in college it is very important that I obtain internships and/or jobs that will benefit me in the future. I am also starting to look for potential job positions/openings at different corporations for after I graduate in the spring. This year I was able to find a couple great internships using Internships.com. This site allows people to create online resumes and allows you to search for open job/internship positions in your area. You can search keywords that you are interested in or simply look jobs up based off location. When you find one you like, simply apply. Employers are also able to contact you if they are searching for an employee. Some other websites that offer information about jobs in the fashion industry include dreamfashionjobs.com, which is a blog dedicated to posting current fashion internship opportunities around the country. Summerinternships.com is another, offering summer internships, classes and boarding in an area of your choosing. This company is a little different though, because you have to pay for their services. But, if you are willing to pay for it you can get a great internship and business experience from it. Another great resource that I use to find out information about the fashion industry is by looking through magazines, catalogs, or websites to find the names of people who have a position that I aspire to have one day. Most of these people have their own blogs or biographies showing how they succeeded. It allows me to see what is necessary to get a position and motivates me to do the same. Linkedin.com is another great way to network yourself and to connect with employers from a broad range of industries.


Anna Wintour- Editor-in-Chief of American Vogue.

DIY Ideas/Projects:

I use several different DIY blogs to search for information on “Do It Yourself” projects. Apairandasparediy.com is one of my favorite DIY blogs and is probably one of the most reliable sources of DIY information that I use. The site always has great ideas and directions for projects. One of the most recent projects I saw on the site explained how to spice up a pair of basic black sandals by adding a chain embellishment. Most of the time I will come up with an idea on my own and search for different video tutorials to see how others did it. Youtube.com is a very valuable tool that I use to see exactly what is done when making the piece. But, this site is also a little unreliable due to the fact that anyone can post videos on it. During my experiences I usually have to do a thorough search until I find a couple good examples. Pinterest.com if another very reputable site that offers an immense amount of inspiration. It has its own DIY section where people from all over the world post different projects that they have seen or done themselves.


Fashion Photography:

Although I am not a very good photographer, I still enjoy fashion photography and wish to perfect the skill. I usually use different websites to browse through photographs. Tumblr.com is the site I use the most. It allows people to post photos, videos, links, and ideas through one media outlet. The site contains over 143 million blogs and is a very reliable source. GettyImages.com is another photo database that is extremely reputable; it was the first company to “license online imagery”. If you are looking for high quality images, this is the place to search for them. I also look into freelance photographer websites. If you are looking through a magazine, blog, website, etc. look for the photographer’s name and look up more of their work. Some of my favorite fashion photographers include Bill Cunningham, Terri Richardson, Greg Williams, and Hugh Lippe.



There are so many sources to find styling information and different fashion trends, but it really depends on your personal style to determine what is the best source for you. You can look at any magazine (online or print), catalogs, blogs, clothing company’s websites, or go walk and look at people around you. I personally intern for ASOS, which is a clothing company based out of the United Kingdom. They offer an entire section on their website that revolves around which trends are becoming popular and different ways to wear them. The site also allows people to post their own outfits on a forum, where others can see and repost their looks. Another great part about the website is that it shows outfit ideas and links to items they carry that can help you recreate the look. Asos.com Another site that us very useful when trying to find links to the exact outfit you want is Polyvore.com. The site is used to post look ideas and links to where you can find each item. The most reliable source to view trends coming out is to watch the runway shows happening each season. Obviously most of us do not have the opportunity to view the shows in person, but majority of the shows now days are recorded and put online within hours. If you pay attention you can see different aspects that are included in multiple designer’s shows. This gives you an inside look into what top designers are putting out there and what is a common theme for each season.

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