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Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show



My Assignment:

Find a recent event in that topic or field that was covered in the news — could be newspapers, magazines, broadcasts, substantive blogs, whatever — and compare two of the stories/broadcasts/etc. about that event. How did they approach the story? Did they see the same facts the same way? What did they emphasize and what did they miss?

My Results:

A big subject in the fashion industry this past week was/were the run through(s) of the 2013 Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show. The final edited show will air on December 10th. The two articles that I found on the show(s) were accessed through the Internet.

The first article, “Angels in Action: A Photographer’s Perspective on the 2013 Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show” by Kevin Tachmanon was found on Vogue Daily. This article focused on actual photos taken by the author, Kevin Tachmanon. A gallery of 32 pictures showcases the backstage atmosphere and runway looks seen in this year’s show. The article attached to the gallery of photos focuses on the models partaking in the show. Some Victoria’s Secret veterans like Doutzen Kroes, Candace Swanepoel, Adriana Lima, and Cara Delevigne, as well as some new angels like Ming Xi, Jacquelyn Jablonski, and Josephine Skriver were all included in the short commentary.

The second article was found on USAToday.com and is titled, “Behind the Scenes at the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show”. This article includes a video of the behind the scenes action, along with interviews, and some key looks included in the fashion show. This article goes into much more detail about dates, what the show consists of, filming information, the different lines being showcased, and interviews with the Victoria’s Secret models. This article also includes images spaced throughout the piece to show backstage and onstage views.

Both articles focus on the behind the scenes view point of the show, but include some commentary of the actual catwalk performance. The USA Today story included more photos of the actual catwalk rather than backstage. The Vogue Daily article was more about the atmosphere of the Victoria’s Secret show but was pretty short in length. The article painted a picture of the interactions going on backstage and focused more on the photography than anything else. The USA Today article consists of more commentary about how the models prepare for the show; the models were asked about their diets and workout plans a lot. Surprisingly enough, most of the girls interviewed seemed to be taking a healthier approach to their diets than in prior years. The article linked a quote of Adriana Lima saying she was only drinking protein shakes for almost two weeks before the 2011 show. This year she was quoted saying, “I’m eating whatever I want, just watching portions.” This article had a more personal feel than the one featured on Vogue Daily due to its interviews and content. Both articles spent time focusing on how the angels were feeling before the show, which is nervous! The article on Vogue Daily accounted for the “incredible mood” the models were in while lining up to strut their stuff on the catwalk.  But then, made a note that some of the models were nervous about walking after the Snow Angels section of the show because “The slick conditions that developed on the runway during the Snow Angels sequence—confetti snow was falling from the rafters seemingly causing Joan Smalls, Izabel Goulart, and Cara to make some unsteady exits from the runway.” The video that was included in the USA Today article had some of the models such as Constance Jablonski, talking about their nerves before the show. This article includes more commentary about the angel’s nerves. Jourdan Dunn commented on this subject saying, “I hope I don’t show my nipple. I hope I don’t fall. I hope I’m an angel gliding on the runway.”

In my opinion the USA Today article was more informative when addressing the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show. They used many different sources of media to show the full coverage of the show. The video was great because the audience actually got to see first hand what the models were experiencing. The article included a lot of facts and interviews, along with the links to the original information, which shows that it is credible. The pictures shown also allowed the audience to see some of the key pieces in the show.




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